SelamAT datANG Para AGaN AgaN dr DEsa SeteMpat MauPun Luar Desa.. BloG ini DiTErapKan KedePanNYa SebaGAi Sarana PuBliKasi Untuk DEsa Kami Bandar Sakti & TanJUNG annom (meski ada PostiNG umum di dalamnya, biar ngk bosen).. untUK aGan AGAn yg Mau SUMBang INformasi BISA di PoSTing DIsinIi.. Terimakasih SalaM SukSEs SelAlu


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LINUX Computer. (klik wae gambare)

Begitulah bunyinya yang tampak pada serangkaian Banner berderet 3 iklan itu.

Sedikit rasa was was dengan keyakinan penuh untuk memajukan desa tercinta, seolah olah seperti bunuh diri menerjunkan bisnis komputer di sebuah desa yang masyarakatnya masih sangat awam. Terpampang jelas tulisan SETTING WARNET padahal jelas jelas di Dusun ini tidak ada coneksi untuk jaringan internet.. boro boro jaringan internet sedangakan untuk sekelas coneksi sinyal HP saja, sunguh sunguh sungguh mengejutkan "swangat kecil".

Sehigga sangat mustahil bila di pikirkan dengan logika, tapi apalah daya maju terus pantang mundur meski si sarang komputer di DUSUN ini jika terjadi hujan "tampaklah bocor di mana mana". tapi tdk sprt logika yg kita perkirakan, karna memang rezeki ada di takdirnya..

oiya info..

LINUX COMPUTER Menerima Seting Website, Seting Warnet, Seting Jaringan, Pengetikan, Service pangilan dan lain lain... dateng dateng ya.. he he..


Miyabi and Pornography

Untuk Fersi indonesia Klik Gambar
What is odd about the coming plan Miyabi? Yes, what is strange with Japanese porn star's? As is known, recently Miyabi was widely reported to come to Indonesia. Not just any ordinary visit, but starred in Indonesia which was originally titled "Kidnapping Miyabi" directed by Rako Prijanto.
Who Miyabi? For those who do not know, maybe with a massive coverage and excited right now, people become more curious about the 23-year-old woman was. Original named Miyabi Maria Ozawa is well known throughout Asia thanks to films obscene. It was said in Indonesian films sold in roadside shanties, in front of the elementary schools or only a few feet in front of the mosque.
Many responses in connection with the arrival of Miyabi paid very, very expensive by Maxima Pictures production house. The most was widely and most exposed by the media is Indonesian celebrities. Clearly, the response also varied.
Some say the arrival of Miyabi Indonesia as a promotional tool in the international world, others think Miyabi could serve as a role model or the motivation of Indonesian women to be better. There is also a saying that Miyabi please come to Indonesia, but do not ever do stuff aka porn movie playing. In fact, some also say that every man must have been watching the Miyabi-a very rash speech, because the man in Indonesia is still much to sholeh and never even watch movies like that.
In the middle of sorrow over the tragedy of the disaster that struck Sumatra Earthquake our country, the arrival of Miyabi also be called disastrous for the future of our Republic.
In my opinion, for the refuse Miyabi more based on moral reasons for our nation's future that our nation does not want porn mentality. A more fundamental reason and rational. For some, do not we get enough of "achievements" such as corruption of our wretchedness which had worldwide. Or, we want to replenish our nation's mental with other mental ills? Let the future of our nation, more sex scandals, adultery, promiscuity, prostitution and other "achievements" can be global?
Indeed, the movies coming to Indonesia, though not pornographic films are not meant to promote himself as a sex bomb with a "reputation" high. Although the film is a movie to be played like Warkop DKI buffoonery is for all ages. But, we realize? Behind the plan is its appearance in the film, leaving many question marks for the curious onlookers.
We surround
Indonesia is the country we are too soft on pornography issue. Look! Media porno sold reckless even on the palm of the palm of five feet. All are available from the expensive classes such as Matra, Hot, ME, and cheap classes such as tabloid Hot, Lipstick, etc.. Both are published monthly, weekly or daily. Not only that, the magazine of the foreign sex bermenu began to flood the country. Call for example Cosmopolitan, FHM, and Maxim. These magazines cover almost always show women with a pose 'Regent' (open thigh-high Cleaner) and 'sekwilda' (chest area).
On the Internet, pornography is more crazier. Indonesia has many sites offering pornographic videos and photos with the local stars. By paying a monthly subscription fee, yearly, or lifetime of very cheap, can glaring netter collection of hundreds of nude photos of young women who continue to Indonesia diup date. This is what makes Indonesia is ranked No. 2 after Russia in the pornography problem. Indonesia's incredible!
Circulation due to too free media affects the behavior of society. The survey results Women's Day magazine says 21% of 6000 readers have experienced sexual assault or harassment as a direct result of the consumption of pornography. Another study said the pornographic spectacle tends to make men more aggressive toward women.
This behavior was not the monopoly of the lower course, but also the officers and men of more respectable. There was a member of parliament from the province of Bengkulu allegedly committing adultery with a female student who recorded the phone camera and spread rapidly on the internet.
Wild scandal that became warm conversation in the community is a scandal YZ (a member of the House of Representatives) and ME (dangdut singer). And said Permadi, a member of the House of Representatives, a scandal like this is mostly done by his friends. If it's been like this, do not expect these people to get out of this pornography issue.
By needy Taufiq Ismail concluded in his poem entitled 'I Do not Know Me Teak now?': "In all things Indonesia is similar to hell, and heaven only thing we have is heaven pornography ..." Well, we deserved to worry about the fate of our generation.
Business Tantalize
We're certainly not out fikir, why pornography was so widespread? Well, this is capitalism! In a capitalist system such as this, the most important is how to accumulate material. So, as long as pornography can bring the same material for hard pornography eradicated. Is there someone who got rich because of pornography? There were and lots. One of them is Hugh Hefner E. The man who dated 9 April 2006 has just celebrated her birthday the 80th of this is the founder of Playboy magazine's phenomenal.
First published in Chicago in 1953 with a circulation of 50,000 copies. Now the magazine with black rabbit head symbol tuxedo (bow tie) was already a big company with the name of the Playboy Entertainment Inc. (PEI). From commercial pornography Hefner could buy a private jet DC-9 is called The Big Bunny to shuttle between the Chicago - Los Angeles and around the world. The aircraft was equipped with a bar, disco, living room, pavilion, mini cinema, and room for 16 guests. He lives in a palace (Playboy Mansion) in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles accompanied by his girlfriend of 3.
PEI is not only publishes the magazine but the broad range of products closely related to pornography. There are books, merchandise, and TV stations. Playboy TV channel and several adult films has increased its customers. Playboy programs reached 122.8 million units subscribers in the first quarter of 2002, up 18% from the year 2001. Want to know how much total profit PEI? In 1999 alone PEI's profit to U.S. $ 348 million. Its shares were listed on the New York stock exchanges.
Islamic views
As a plenary teachings of Islam came to give rules for this life. Not to curb. But that way of life to be orderly and harmonious rhythm like a beautiful orchestral generated from various types of musical instruments.
Islam considers that humans have an instinctive needs of these is the instinct to preserve species (gharizah al lake '). One of the appearance of this instinct is the liking of the opposite sex. This instinct, of course, demand fulfillment when he appeared. It's just instincts that are not fulfilled (dipuasi) does not conduct a person to death, does not also cause physical, mental, or mind (this is different from the theory of Sigmund Freud who says otherwise).
Factually, unmet instincts will only cause anxiety. From this fact can be understood that the gratification of the instinct is to find peace and tranquility. Not the other way, even causing new anxieties, such as to satisfy the instinct of love with dating, instincts satisfied but new anxiety arose that anxiety would breach the rules of Allah SWT. Pawnshops motto should be like: solve the problem without any problems.
We need to know is this instinct appears kada internally (such as physiological impulse in human beings). He will appear a reply from the external stimulus (external). External factors that can generate this instinct there are 2 kinds. First, a fact which can diindera directly by humans, second, thoughts, thoughts that can invite the meanings (the shadow) specific.
From an understanding of the instinct that we are then able to connect between the instincts, free sex (zina), and pornography-Pornoaksi. Berhamburannya spread of pornography as the tabloids 'hot', many obscene novels, plus 'stensilan white book'; widespread impressions such as rocking Pornoaction seronok dangdut, VCD, VCD and even semi porn porn porn tape HP; even the most ordinary things in daily life such as customs opened genitalia, primp and dress smartly in front of foreign men (non-mahram), two-duaannya men and women (seclusion), at the opposite sex with lust view, etc. will only accelerate the emergence of instinct. Why Islam forbids it.
In the case of Prophet Muhammad's private parts said: "If a woman has baligh, indecent seen from him other than his face and his palms up to the wrist. "(Narrated by Abu Dawood). Aurat is obliged to shut down. Allah Almighty says: "O Prophet, say kepadaistri-wife, daughters, and wives of the believers, let them head out to their whole bodies." (Surat al-Ahzab: 59)
In terms alone (seclusion) Rasulullah SAW said: "Let not a man seclusion (alone with a woman) after today as confidential except with one or two men." In another narration: "... unless he is with mahram." (Narrated by Ahmad)
Looking at the opposite sex was governed by Islam. Ali ra said that Rasulullah SAW said: "Thou shalt not follow the first view with the next view. The first view is to your right while the next view is not your right. "
This is a preventive action (prevention) of Islam. If all these are ignored and allowed to Pornography and Porno action extends the free association (read: adultery) - as an effort to fulfill the instinct wrong way - one's eyes. Adultery is a social disease that threatens the nation. Droughts, famine, poverty, tyranny ruling is part of the social risk of adultery.
In a hadith narrated Abdullah ibn Umar quotes the words of the Prophet Muhammad: "O people muhajirin, there are five things that I seek refuge with Allah so that you do not meet: ... not to spread indecency (adultery) on a people until they do so publicly berterang but they will plague-ridden plague and famine that has not happened to the people before them. "(Narrated by Ibn Majah and Hakim).
This causality is only understood the language of faith. If preventive measures are not immune to the need for strict sanctions offenders. All this for the sake of getting this nation bermoralnya generation.
Living in a country that polite, courteous, civilized, moral, and without pornography is a beautiful gift for the nation. There the children and adolescents and their parents so honored. Parents are no longer concerned, and lighter in carrying out activities that ultimately achieved prosperity and welfare.
So that one day, "Welcome to the State Without Pornography" will be realized and not only in the "Republic of Dreams." Amen.


Bandar Sakti

>> Senin, 25 Januari 2010

klik Bandar Sakti with the INDONESIA language

Village Origins author of this blog. Blog that contains history and local villages in Indonesia and the information that supports the youth of this country progress. Blog with a concept ... Only Let Poor!

A distant villages there, the village is the village of his form also is the village. but masa'alloh .. civilization is like a city., which can make diverse people with diverse attitudes likewise .. BANDAR SAKTI has spawned a group of Ustad, thugs, armed forces, POLICE, EMPLOYEES, LABOR, BOS. "Complete dah" but also has given birth BANDARSAKTI son and daughter as the author of this blog .. : Yb

a hot area "for ever to Surabaya or Jakarta" yes ='s air temperature .. a strange VILLAGE = CITY. nearby there is also a large company The company "the largest possible se Indonesia", wrote also to his community was making a living
Bandar Sakti is a village of the Army TRANSMIGRATION (Trans AD) consisting of 3 Union Army at the time military command of the military command of Brawijaya (East Java), Diponegoro military command (JATENG) and Kodam Siliwangi (JABAR). Bandar Sakti Founded in 1974 in the district of Lampung Central. Bandar Sakti contiguous and adjacent to the villages around the Tanjung Anom, Bandar Agung, Lempuyang Bandar, Poncowati, Bandar Jaya and surrounding areas.

Bandar Sakti flanked by two major companies namely PT GGPC (Great Giant Pinippl Coy) and PT GMP (Gunung Madu Plantations) which is like the 2 companies mentioned above earlier, which could not deny anymore that the 2nd company a toehold paw sustenance washed in specify Alloh Subhanahu Wata'alla. "But not done for the author of this blog: D" But there are bidding lok also want .. : D

Bandar magic district now under Nunyai Canal (formerly kec. TERBANGGI Large) Central Lampung District (Kotib Metro) Provision of Lampung.

I schools from elementary to junior high school here, with a wide variety of likes her grief

If you know or resident or having family or friends who live in the village of Bandar Sakti, Canal Nunyai or Jaya or Bandar Lampung Metro or Central or this page Lampung Province to stay in touch and / or to obtain the information you want.

Or if you want to know or find out more about Lampung please participate in this page.

Okay please ... Who has a better article or business or the history of the village BANDAR SAKTI & TANJUNG ANNOM.

Catatan :
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Nama Baik Dan Emas

Alkisah pada suatu ketika, Angin, Air dan Nama Baik sedang mengadakan perjalanan bersama-sama. Angin biasa datang terburu-buru seperti orang yang sedang marah. Bisa melompat di sini dan menendang debu disana. Air berjalan dalam bentuk seorang putri, ia selalu membawa kendi ditangannya, meneteskan beberapa air di atas tanah sekitarnya. Nama Baik berwujud dalam seorang pemuda yang tampak dengan sikap-sikap yang baik, namun sedikit pamalu...
Mereka saling menyukai, meskitpun mereka sangat berbeda satu sama lain. Ketika mereka harus berpisah, mereka bertanya, “Kapan kita bisa bertemu untuk mengadakan perjalanan yang lain lagi?”
Angin menjawab, “Engkau akan selalu menemukan aku di puncak gunung-gunung atau melopat-lompat di sekitar kakimu. Meniup debu kemana kamu pergi,”

Air berkata, “Aku juga akan selalu ada disekitarmu. Kamu bisa pergi ke laut atau ke sungai, bahkan ke dapur untuk menemuiku.”
Nama Baik tidak mengatakan apa-apa. Angin dan Air bertanya, “Nama Baik, kapan dan dimana kita akan bertemu lagi?”
Nama Baik menjawab, “Kamu tidak akan bertemu aku lagi di manapun. Siapapun yang telah kehilangan aku sekali saja. Takkan pernah bisa mendapatkan aku lagi.

Diam Adalah Emas

Saat anda tak memiliki kata-kata yang perlu dibicarakan, diamlah. Cukup mudah untuk mengetahui kapan watunya berbicara. Namun, mengetahui kapan anda harus diam adalah hal yang jauh berbeda. Salah satu fungsi bibir adalah untuk dikatupkan. Bagaimana anda bisa memperhatikan dan mendengarkan dengan lidah yang berkata-kata. Diamlah demi kejernihan pandangan anda. Orang yang mampu diam di tengah keinginan untuk berbicara mampu menemukan kesadaran dirinya. Sekali anda membuka mulut, anda akan temui betapa banyak kalimat-kalimat meluncur tanpa disadari. Mungkin sebagian kecil kata-kata itu tidak anda kehendaki. Serigkali orang tergelincir oleh kerikil kecil, bukan batu besar. Butiran mutiara indah hanya bisa tercipta bila kerang mutiara mengatupkan bibirnya rapat-rapat. Sekali ia membuka lebar-lebar cangkangnya, maka pasir dan kotoran laut segera memenuhi mulutnya. Inilah ibarat, kekuatan anda untuk diam. Kebijakan seringkali tersimpan rapat dalam diamnya para bijak. Untuk itu, anda perlu berusaha membukanya sekuat tenaga. Bukankah pepatah mengatakan, “diam adalah emas”



“Harapan adalah sarapan yang baik, Tetapi makan malam yang buruk.”
– Francis Bacon

Kita harus hidup dengan harapan, tetapi kita tidak bisa hidup menggantung semata pada harapan. Adalah baik untuk berharap yang terbaik. Tetapi hal itu tidak cukup. Kita tidak bisa hanya berharap - kita harus bertindak.

Sangat menyedihkan, bahwa banyak hal digantung berlebihan pada harapan - demi perbaikan nasib. Berharap yang terbaik belum menghasilkan apa-apa. Bekerja dan bertindak - disertai dengan
harapan di dalam hati - adalah hal yang membawa hasil. Kombinasi yang sempurna. Harapan tidak akan mengecewakan - selama hal itu disertai dengan tindakan dan komitmen.
Harapan tidak bisa mengganti tindakan. Kerjakan apa yang harus dikerjakan - ada atau tidak ada harapan. Harapkan yang terbaik dan kerjakan apa saja yang memungkinkan harapan itu terwujud.

Mulai hari baru anda dengan harapan, dan sambung dengan kerja dan karya. Biarkan harapan menginspirasikan anda, ketimbang membuai anda. Harapkan yang terbaik, dan bayar setiap ongkosnya. Harapan bergantung pada ANDA.

Apa yang Memotivasi Para Bilyuner..?
Pernahkah terpikir oleh anda, apa yang memotivasi para bilyuner? Bahkan jauh hari sebelum menjadi bilyuner - kekayaan yang mereka kumpulkan telah mencukupi untuk hidup mereka, anak mereka, cucu mereka, atau bahkan generasi selanjutnya.

Kebanyakan bilyuner adalah pekerja keras. Bangun pagi-pagi - lalu pergi bekerja hingga larut malam. Mereka melakukan itu - tentu bukan lagi karena sekedar mengejar uang. Lalu apa yang mereka kejar? Apakah itu keserakahan? atau kekuasaan? Mungkin. Tetapi secara umum, orang-orang pelit / serakah - jarang beroleh sukses - karena mereka tidak memberi nilai lebih pada orang lain. Kebanyakan bilyuner modern masa kini, tidak menjadi bilyuner karena kikir.

Para bilyuner termotivasi oleh cita-cita mereka. Cita-cita untuk membuat perbedaan, sehingga dunia menjadi berbeda karena mereka ADA. Motivasi ini yang memampukan mereka untuk menjadi bilyuner. Dan karena hal itu pula mereka tetap bisa bekerja keras - sekalipun telah menjadi bilyuner.

Apakah anda ingin hidup seperti seorang bilyuner? Mudah sekali. Berhentilah bekerja hanya untuk sekedar hidup - dan buat perbedaan. Sekalipun di hari terburuk

Hidup adalah kemewahan, hidup adalah kegembiraan - sekalipun di hari terburuk. Kenyataan bahwa anda saat ini hidup sehingga bisa membuat keputusan, bisa melaksanakannya, dan mampu membuat perbedaan - jauh lebih berharga ketimbang segala kesulitan dan kekecewaan yang mungkin menghadang.

Saat dunia gelap - hidup adalah alasan mengapa anda harus menjadi cahaya.

Kualitas hidup anda tidak tergantung pada apa yang anda temui, tetapi pada seperti apa anda setelah melewati segala tantangan. Hari ini adalah hari istimewa - karena anda diperbolehkan masuk ke hari ini. Ada kesempatan untuk tumbuh - dan mencapai cita-cita anda ke segala arah. Bila orang di sekitar anda pencemooh dan pendengki - anda punya kesempatan untuk membuat - bahwa KARENA ANDA – lingkungan anda bisa berubah ke arah lebih baik. Tantangan kesulitan yang ada di depan anda menyembunyikan harta karun nyata yang menunggu untuk digali.

Hati kecil anda sudah mengerti hal ini. Hidup adalah indah – bila anda menerima hidup sebagai kesempatan. Di mana pun anda, apapun yang anda hadapi, ambil keputusan untuk menikmati keindahan itu setiap hari. Dan saat anda mengambil pilihan ini - dunia di sekeliling anda pun akan menjadi lebih baik.


Cara Melepas Belenggu Diri

1. Hadapi kenyataan: Mungkin saja yang menjadi “polisi tidur” penghambat jalan sukses anda adalah diri anda sendiri. Seringkali langkah tersulit membebaskan diri kita dari kesulitan adalah mengakui bahwa sebenarnya kita adalah biang keladi kesulitan. Karena itu, saat anda menghadapi masalah di jalan mencapai kesuksesan, pertimbangkan dengan hati-hati apakah anda merupakan sumber semua masalah tersebut.

2. Anda dapat melakukan apa yang anda inginkan. Namun bagaimanapun, anda mungkin tidak mampu melakukan semua yang anda inginkan. Belenggu kita adalah kita berusaha untuk melakukan semua hal dalam sekali waktu yang sama. Meski kita bekerja keras untuk melakukan segala hal, pada akhirnya kita hanya akan menyelesaikan sedikit hal saja. Yang kita perlukan sebenarnya adalah memusatkan perhatian pada satu atau dua proyek saja, karena hal ini justru meningkatkan kesempatan untuk mendapatkan apa yang anda inginkan....
3. Agar mendapat gambar yang jelas, anda pelu fokus. Begitu anda mengetahui proyek-proyek mana yang akan anda erjakan, anda harus memfokuskan diri pada apa yang benar-benar diperlukan untuk mengerjakannya. Susunlah rencana selangkah demi selangkah apa dan kapan anda harus mengerjakan.4. Apa yang tertulis di atas kertas adalah rencana, sedangkan apa yang tertulis di kepala adalah mimpi. Beberapa orang segan untuk menuliskan rencana-rencana mereka. Menulis rencana di atas kertas merupakan langkah awal menuju pencapaian hasrat seseorang. Tanpa rencana tertulis, kebanyak orang akan memulai suatu proyek namun segera perhatiannya akan teralihkan oleh banyak hal kecil yang muncul kemudian.

5. Bila anda bergerak itu belum berarti maju. Gejala pasti anda dalam belenggu kesulitan adalah saat anda telah bekerja keras namun tidak jua mendekati titik sasaran. (Hal ini sering terjadi juga pada orang-orang yang tidak mau menyusun rencananya secara tertulis.) Agar anda dapat bergerak maju, anda harus mengambil langkah-langkah yang diperlukan pada saat yang diperlukan pula.

6. Tidak memilih adalah pilihan. Penghalang jalan lain yang kita ciptakan sendiri adalah terlalu banyak memikirkan pilihan-pilihan sehingga membuat kita tidak melakukan apa-apa. “Saya bila melakukan A, B, atau C. Kalau begitu sebaiknya saya pikirkan baik-baik,” begitulah angan-angan kita. Kemudian kita mulai merenungkannya, namun kita sama sekali tidak memutuskannya. Sebenarnya pada saat itu kita melakukan sesuatu, yaitu memutuskan untuk tidak melakukan apa-apa. Tapi coba tebak apa hasilnya? Bila anda tidak melakukan apa-apa maka hasilnya pun bukan apa-apa.

7. Pusatkan pada apa yang akan berhasil. Beberapa orang sangat pandai mencari-cari alasan mengapa sesuatu tidak berjalan sebagaimana mestinya. Jangan melipatgandakan sesuatu yang akan berakibat negatif. Lipat gandakalah seuatu yang positif. Berkonsentrasilah pada apa yang akan berjalan baik bagi anda.

8. Bila tidak berhasil, jangan kerjakan. Salah satu pertanda “manusiawi” adalah “mengerjakan hal yang sama secara terus-menerus, namun mengharapkan hasil yang berbeda.” Saya cenderung untuk menyatakan itu sebagai pertanda “humanitas”. Terkadang banyak orang tidak mampu mengakui bahwa sesuatu tidak berjalan dengan semestinya karena alasan harga diri, “sudah dari sononya”, atau sikap keras kepala. Jika itu adalah anda, maka terimalah moto baru: “Jangan lakukan!” Bila segala sesuatunya tidak berjalan, hentikan, setel kembali persenelling, baru kemudian bergerak maju.

9. Bila anda tidak tahu, mintalah pertolongan. Kita tidak dapat mengetahui segala hal. Kita pun tak kan mampu memecahkan semua persoalan. Ada banyak konsultan, penasehat, dan pembimbing yang dapat diajak kerja sama oleh anda untuk memecahkan persoalan anda. Mintalah pertolongan mereka.

10. Bila tidak membuat anda bahagia, jangan kerjakan. Melaju di jalur menuju kesuksesan anda tidaklah mudah. Mungkin anda tidak mendapatkan keceriaan di setiap langkah anda sehingga membuat anda ingin kembali mundur ke garis start. Namun demikian, secara keseluruhan anda seharusnya merasa bahagia karena ini adalah jalan yang anda pilih. Bila anda tidak merasa bahagia maka anda perlu mengevaluasi tujuan anda atau bagaimana anda mencapai tujuan
tersebut. (diadaptasi dari: 10 Tips to Getting Out of Your Own Way - Jim Allen)


Cinta Seorang IBU

Once in a village, there was an elderly mother, living alone with her only child Her husband had long since died of illness of the mother often feels sad about her only child. His son has a very bad temperament is like stealing, gambling, complaining of chicken and more frequent crying mother lamenting her fate is unfortunate, but he often prayed to God: "God help me I cared for my consciousness, so that sin no more
I'm old and want to see him repent before I die
But the longer the child is getting late with his evil deeds, he was very often left in jail for crimes they have committed

One day he returned to steal the villagers' homes, but poor he was caught
Then he was brought before the king for trial and sentenced pancung
announcement was announced to the whole village, the punishment will be done the next day
in front of villagers and just as the bell tolling at six in the morning ... "The news that the punishment to the mother's ears he cries mourn his beloved son to his knees and prayed to God" Lord forgive your servant, let the old servant who was a bear his sin "
He hobbled struggling with the king came and pleaded with her son freed
But the decision was made, must undergo the punishment anakknya

With a broken heart, the mother returned home he was constantly praying for his forgiveness, and finally he fell asleep from exhaustion, and in his dream he met with Lord

The next day, the appointed place, the people of these penalties berbondong2 manyaksikan The executioner was ready with a child pancungnya and was resigned to his fate

Pictured in her mother's face was old, and he wept unnoticed regretted seconds of waiting finally arrived

Until the appointed time arrived, the bell has not tolled five minutes had passed and things started to quiet, at last the officer in charge of ringing the bell to come

He admitted surprise, since earlier he had pulled the bell cord but no sound dentangnya
When they all were confused, tiba2 of the bell cord blood is the blood flow comes from the place where the bell was tied

With heart berdebar2 all the people looking forward to a few people go up to investigate the source of blood

Do you know what happened?

Apparently in the bell found the body of the old lady with her head covered in blood destroyed
he held the pendulum in the bell causing the bell does not ring,
and instead, which bumped his head on the wall clock

All the people who witnessed the incident down and shed tears
While the child wailed wailed hugging her mother's body which was derived
He had always regretted the distress it turned out the night before her mother struggled to climb up and tie him in an iron bell in the bell Embrace to avoid his punishment pancung

So very clearly the love of a mother for her child No matter how bad the child, she still loves with all her life.

Let us love our parents each while we were still able to
because they are the source of God's love for us in this world

Something to serve as reflection for us ..

That we always love something valuable that ida k t can be assessed with any

There is a story living in us that speaks of our place in the world

It is a story that invites us to love what we love and simply be Ourselves

Take time to think, it is a source of strength
Take time to play, it is the secret of eternal youth
Take time to pray, it is a source of tranquility
Take time to learn, it is a source of wisdom
Take time to love and be loved, it is a privilege which God
Take time for friends, it is the way to happiness
Take time to laugh, it is thrilling music
Take the time to give, it makes life seem mean
Take time to work, it is the value of success

Use your best time, because time will not be able to play again


Wifi in my Village

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Kutulis sebuah risalah berupa keingginan Aq untuk mengembangkan desa tempat di mana tertumpah Darah Aq untuk yang pertama kali.

Berbekal ilmu yang sedang sekali dan keingginan menjadi Internet Marketers yang sukses di dunia maya. Maka ku pelajari ilmu ilmu tentang bagaimana membangun jaringan internet tanpa kabel (yang sering di kenal dengan nama HOTSPOT), sehingga dapat di pancarkan dan di bagi ke berbagai teman dan tetangga. Latar belakang dari pembelajaran untuk menguasai jaringan hotspot itu di karenakan di desa kami berada memang tidak ada akses internet, bahkan untuk akses telpon dari telkom pun tidak kunjung masuk “apakah ini permainan aparat pemerintah”, bahkan untuk sekelas listrik yang sangat penting di desa kami terkadang tegangan yang di dapat sungguh tidak memuaskan, terkadang ada saja bagian-bagian yang rusak sehingga mengakibatkan beberapa perangkat elektronik menjadi rusak juga, travo dari PLN rusak mengakibatkan harus menunggu berbulan bulan untuk normal kembali.

Dengan jaringan WIFI ini atau HOTSPO, akan memudahkan Desa ku untuk mengenal Dunia, dengan berbagai cabang ilmu yang terkandung di dalamnya. Dan memudahkan komunikasi desa kami dengan luar daerah dan kota kota besar serta membuka peluang usaha untuk para pengusaha, yaitu dengan memasarkan bidang usahanya lewat jaringan dunia maya ini, dengan kecepatan promosi secepat kecepatan caha untuk mengelilingi dunia ini. Bersambung…. Mandi dulu…



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